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35000 KMs of dirt roads
2603 Ancient Temple Sites
2209 Wildlife Species
1203 Waterfalls


Checkout these regular motorbike tours through Cambodia, for groups of up to 10 riders.

    Angkor Enduro $2,425 – $2,690

    Enduro, Trail

    Explore hidden Cambodia on our Angkor Enduro. Follow in the footsteps of Ancient Kings, as we cut through the awesome trails around Siem Reap, discovering the less touristed Temples and sights of Angkor. A mix of graded roads and technical…

    from $2,690

      Complete Cambodia ADV $4,995 – $6,995

      Adventure, Trail, Road

      Hardcore off-road dirtbikes not your thing? You'd prefer sealed roads mixed with some graded tracks? Then this adventure is perfect for you. Explore the real Cambodia on a big bore bike with our Complete Cambodia ADV Ride.

      from $4,995

        Northern Cambodia ADV $3,335 – $3,720

        Adventure, Trail, Road

        Hardcore off-road dirtbikes not your thing? You'd prefer sealed roads mixed with some graded tracks? Then this adventure is perfect for you. Explore the real Cambodia on a big bore bike with our Northern Cambodia ADV Ride.

        from $3,720

          Kampot Rural Ride $210

          Enduro, Trail

          So you want to ride a dirt bike for a day whilst in Kampot?  Then this adventure is perfect for you. A minimum of 4 hours on the bike, we can take it as easy or as tough as you…

          from $210

            Tomb Raider Ride $3,630 – $4,030

            Enduro, Trail

            Want to ride a mix of tarmac, graded road and trails, taking in some of Cambodia's less touristed Temples and sights? Then this adventure is perfect for you. Explore the real Cambodia on a dirt bike with the original Tomb…

            from $4,030

              Kampot 2 Day Motorbike Adventure

              Enduro, Trail, Road, 4 x 4

              A short, laid-back ride, this 2 day adventure takes you from Kampot to Kep, and back to Kampot, taking in some off-road riding and visiting some less travelled hidden gems the SE corner of Cambodia has to offer the more…

              from $600

                Sea to Sky to Sea Mini Enduro

                Enduro, Trail, 4 x 4

                This is a short, challenging trip that takes in some of the most technical trails that southern Cambodia has to offer. Designed for keen dirt bikers that are already in-country, or are planning a Cambodia trip with their better half.…

                from $500

                why choose us?

                We take you well off-the-beaten-track, fully supported, and fully immersed in authentic Cambodian culture. You could say we are an Eco-Tourism Operator, as our emphasis is on mutual cultural exchange. We have a range of established itineraries, but are also experts in creating tailor-made adventures for our guests.

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                Easy Booking

                Booking online with us is simple, as our website actually works. Choose your adventure, number of participants, select a start date, then checkout. Easy.

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                SAFETY FIRST

                Safety has always been our priority, not only for guests, but for the communities we travel through, since our first Rally back in 1998. Prevention is always the best tactic when it comes down to it, and we are experts in minimising risk, without compromising the authenticity of adventure. You want an adventure, not a holiday right?

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                Locally Owned

                Cambodia Expeditions is a wholly Khmer owned, and family run business. With just one westerner on the team (a long-term permanent resident of Cambodia - also married to the boss) all of our revenue stays, and gets spent here in Cambodia.

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                Tailor Made Adventure

                If you prefer a tailor-made adventure then you've found the right family! We've been providing tailored adventures for individuals, families, and small to large groups (as well as handling logistics for international operators you've probably heard of) for over 20 years, so we are experts in building adventures that surpass our guests expectations.

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                No GPS? No problem!

                We are your Cambodia experts, it's the only destination we operate in. We are in-country ground operators, and after 20 years of adventure here, we know our guides know the country better than anyone (or anything else). We don't mess about with unnecessary GPS tracking apps, as we know where our guests are. And besides, if you do get lost, isn't that part of a true adventure?

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                Ethical Pricing

                Our prices may be higher than some of our peers, mainly because our inclusions and quality are the most comprehensive, we do not exploit our staff in renumeration, we run team heavy adventures, and our business model is not based on profit alone! We do also offer discounts to anyone who signs up for our Trip Saver Scheme, which also keeps you up-to-date with our adventures and news.

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                Cultural Exchange

                We never understaff our adventures, and we often overstaff them with local talent. This is to immerse you in authentic Cambodian culture, and to enrich your experience. We love learning about our guests lifestyle and culture, and we are happy to share ours with you.

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                adventure done right

                We've learnt the right way (by sometimes doing it all the wrong way) to build adventures that are unrivalled in authenticity and quality. Part of that experience is accepting that even the best laid plans can be challenged by the terrain and dynamics of Cambodia. We have become experts in contingency planning whilst enroute, and our guides and mechanics are the best in the business.

                Meet The Family

                A few of the faces who do their utmost to deliver an adventure you’ll never forget, welcome to our family!


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                LEAD GUIDE


                Nick Ray – Lonely Planet, Cambodia
                Nick Ray – Lonely Planet, Cambodia This team has been running tours and rallies since 1998. Very professional with some great routes.
                Michael Guy – MCN (MotorCycleNews), UK
                Michael Guy – MCN (MotorCycleNews), UK Fascinating Culture and Awesome Riding... Bike Adventures don’t get any better than this
                David Jones – Singapore
                David Jones – Singapore This trip will challenge both experienced and novice riders a like and the added bonus is that it s a great way to see Cambodia and its friendly people

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